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It is one of the leading providers in the world. Nord VPN software offers a variety of features, including: Highly secure encryption, No logs policy, Automatic kill switch, Double data encryption and Onion-over-VPN. This is a great way to keep your browsing safe and secure connection. It’s easy to use and has a high level of security. This is a trustworthy service that’s perfect for a wide range of browsing needs. It is the best private services in the world for PC, phone & router. It offers a wide range of features, excellent customer support, and the best encryption in the industry. Nowadays, more and more people start to use this secure connection because it is the only one service that can bypass the Great Firewall of China. 

Virtual Private Network that provides one of the best security and privacy protection in the industry. It encrypts data and helps to avoid any tracking of the IP address, location, and the content of the traffic data. NordVPN free has more than 5000 servers in 62 countries, and it offers support for all the required platforms, Mac, Windows and Linux.

NordVPN for Windows 10, & Mac

This VPN is an excellent choice of secure connection that offer a variety of individual offers for Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as an excellent choice of plans. One of their excellent offers is that they have a free trial that lasts 30 days. This is a great way for potential customers to get a feel for the service and see if they like it before committing to a full year. 

Company also offers a variety of plans to fit anyone’s needs. Their plans range from $2.99 to $11.95 per month. Also offers a variety offers for Windows and Mac. One of their excellent individual offers for download Windows 10 is that they offer a one-month plan for $9.99 per month.

NordVPN Extension for Browsers

It has a extension that can be added to any browser. It is a free extension and has a simple and clean interface. Once the extension is installed it will show a small Nord VPN browser extension logo on the top right of the browser. Clicking the logo will take you to the app window where you can log in with your credentials. Once logged in, the extension will automatically connect you to servers. NordVPN for browsers gives you more control over your internet experience. You can easily switch servers and disconnect from the best free browser VPN at any time. 

NordVPN Deals

Company offers both classic and trial free account. If you want to try NordVPN onion over or raspberry pi without committing to a monthly or annual subscription, you can go for a one-time payment plan. The trial version is free for unlimited time and it can be downloaded from the company's website. The Nord VPN premium or classic account is a monthly subscription that costs only $12.95 per month. 

  • Tor over. It is a protocol that gives a comprehensive protection by connecting the protocol to the Tor network. The Tor VPN network provides anonymity and privacy protection.
  • Onion over NordVPN. It is a security protocol that creates a high level of security by connecting the protocol to the Tor network in the form of an onion. It provides anonymity and protects the data from any third party.


  • Is NordVPN safe? 

This is the most popular question about network protection. Many are concerned about the fact that it is based in Panama and not the USA. However, this software is a fully registered company in Panama. VPN has no relation to any organizations in the USA.

  • Can I use NordVPN with my SmartTV?

Yes, you can use network protection on your SmartTV. It is compatible with most SmartTVs and it will allow you to access geo-restricted content.

  • What is a NordVPN used for?

VPNs are often used for two purposes. First, they are sometimes used by companies to allow their employees who are working remotely to access the company's private network and work resources. 

Second, they are used to access region-restricted websites. So, if you are traveling outside of the US and you want to watch your favorite TV show, but that show is not available in your country, then you can just use your VPN to watch it.


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